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Flora & Fauna
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Flora & Fauna.

There are natural spaces such as Roque de Jama, featuring interesting botanical endemic species, and is a refuge for several bird species, The “Charca Jiménez” during most of the year is a refuge of a number of bird species.

The absence of summits and the marked aridness reflect on the plant life, which is composed of species belonging to the basal level as well as other introduced species, such as cactus pear.

Natural Protected Spaces

Yellow Mountain (Montaña Amarilla)

It is dazzling with all its yellow toned variety and its small coves, making it a place well worth visiting.

It is an interesting example of hydro-magmatic volcanism. It is a volcanic structure resulting from the existence of a magmatic source located in shallow waters, heating a superficial water-bearing spout. In this way an eruption of extreme explosiveness takes place called tuff-cones. Marine erosion has birthed a cliff that rises up to 30 meters in some places, allowing the observation of the edifice’s inner structure. At the same time, next to the sea, a unique example of a fossilised dune appears, formed by the organic sand deposits.

Roque de Jama

Shared with the neighbouring municipality of Arona. It features a phonolite spout or dome, formed beneath the sea level and that surfaces due to the erosive dismantlement, becoming the largest of the volcanic edifices of the island. From this area wonderful views of the island can be seen.


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