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Peopled by the guanches from before the conquest, it belonged to the area of Abona.

In July of 1798 it separates from Vilaflor. Its temple was built in 1799 and up until that date its dwellers had to travel to Granadilla to receive their blessings. It was rebuilt later on with a nave and four collateral chapels.

Up until the 40’s of the XX century the people were practically isolated, the same as the neighbouring municipalities, from the rest of the island. Its inhabitants also fought to obtain water which they achieved in the middle of the century.

Places of Historical Interest

La Hoya Settlement

It was the founding nucleus of the municipality.

Houses in Montaña Viña Vieja

El Calvario. Urban area

Era de San Blas

With its striking lunar landscape, the exceptional panorama of pumice rocks was originated by the erosion process, due to the atmosphere’s agents.

Tamaide Fountain

It is a wonderful experience to reach this fountain by an ancient royal road from the settlement of La Hoya.

Cave Engravings at La Montañita and Aldea Blanca

Church of San Miguel Archangel

Built on an ancient temple of the XVII century and enlarged in the XIX century. It preserves a neoclassic altarpiece from the XIX century, as well as a sculpture of San Miguel Archangel from the XVIII century.

Ancient ovens of La Hoya and Aldea Blanca

Barn House of Aldea Blanca

It is a shadow of the past when it used to supply the south of the island. It is surrounded by the only oval era of Tenerife.

Roque de Los Cambados


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